Switch to Apache + mod_proxy + Mongrel

In my quest to find the best rails configuration, I decided to try a new alternative to Apache+FastCGI/Apache+FCGID/Lighttpd+FastCGI.

Everyone seems to be focused on Mongrel combined with Apache 2.2 + mod_proxy_balancer. It looks good but Apache 2.2 isn’t actually in Debian (not even in unstable), and as I choose to switch this blog from a Fedora Core 2 (ooch !) server to another server of mine powered by Debian, it really doesn’t fits my needs.

So I choosed to try a different approach and use Apache 2.0.x + mod_proxy + Mongrel. This solution, gives me the possibility to use mongrel_cluster for process management, even if actually I don’t have multiple mongrel instances, and add a load balancer (Pen/Balance/Pound) if needed.

This setup seems to be sufficient for this blog, which runs the latest Typo (3.99.3).

Let me know if you see any differences with the previous configuration.

Sat, 15 Jul 2006 14:29 Posted in

  1. By John 22/07/2006 at 06h11

    Yeah, uh, your css styles don’t load correctly

  2. By Tron Jonathan 22/07/2006 at 09h49

    I just realized this, It was a mistake in my apache configuration.

    Thanks for reporting.

  3. By Dave 25/10/2006 at 21h10

    Thanks for the configuration. It got me up and running on my debian server. There was one problem I ran into—I had to change the last line to:

    RewriteRule “^/(.*)” “http://localhost:8001%{REQUEST_URI}”; [P,QSA,L]

    otherwise I’m getting 404 errors.

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