Subversion Automation : automate branching/tagging

I recently discovered a gem (no joke here) called Subversion Automation, it’s aimed to provide an unified layout to handle your projects branching/tagging in subversion and more importantly automate the process through a simple command : sc .

It currently handle some key aspects of a project management :

  • release :
Allows you to create a release branch (major.minor), or tag a release (macro). It creates a branch for the release and a tag for it.
  • bug
Allows you to work with release branch bug fixes, in fact it handle the creation of a unique branch based on a bug name/id and then the merge to the corresponding release branche and to the trunk. Really useful to track bug fix changes.
  • experimental
Allows you to work on some experimental code in a branch wich can be merge with the trunk in both direction.

Subversion Automation is really worth a try, even if it could be hard to use on existing project due to the subversion layout changes implied, but it’s up to you.

Be sure to watch the marvelous screencast on author website : Subversion Automation Screencast

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