RSpec On Rails and HAML

As my incursion into RSpec continue, I encountered a strange problem on my CC machine. I switched my default layout (aka application.rhtml) to HAML, so the file became application.haml. No problem on my development machine running specs either with spec command or with rake. But the CC machine start sending me error in my specs, telling me application.rhtml does not exists.

I searched some looooong minutes which stack generates this error, four possibilities : RoR, RSpec, Gettext, HAML plugin.

The last thing I did before the specs breaks was to switch a controller spec from view isolation to view integration. So I looked more closely to RSpec On Rails plugin and found something interesting, to run in isolation mode, RSpec on rails stub those methods :

@template.should_receive(:render_template).any_number_of_times.and_return(true) { |*args|
  @first_render ||= args[2]
@template.stub!(:read_template_file).and_return("this is fake content generated by rspec")

So it faint Rails about an existing application.rhtml which in fact does not. Rails in its great willingness cache the different template/template extension lookups even in test mode. Then when mixing view integration and view isolation in specs, if those with view integration run after those in isolation, it breaks… or it should, as I can’t reproduce this in my development machine nor can I reproduce this on my CC machine when launching the specs by hand with the spec command (it does occurs only with rake).

About the Rails choice to cache, I fully understand why it is as it is, there should be no template rename during test as it is possible in development mode. So it’s not Rails fault.

But what can we do about this, the simplest solution I came to was to set the template extension caching to off in config/environments/test.rb :

config.action_view.cache_template_extensions         = false

Hope this helps someone else using RSpecOnRails with a custom template system.

The difference between my two machine was revealed to me in just after I post this. The rake task on the CC machine, does not sort the controller spec files as my development machine, the problematic file is called addresses_controller_spec.rb so it was the first one evaluate in my development machine and is drowned between others in my CC machine.

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  1. By Chris W 29/03/2007 at 23h15

    I had the same HAML-related problem, and this fixed it! Thanks a million for posting this.

  2. By Jonathan Tron 30/03/2007 at 11h44

    It has been corrected in RSpecOnRails some times after I post this, if you use the current version you should not need this anymore.

  3. By Jon Ferio 13/03/2008 at 03h22

    Jesus Christ, if you’re going to post in English, at least learn the language. I can barely understand this babble.

  4. By Jonathan Tron 15/03/2008 at 14h10

    Hey Jon, thanks for your helpful comment.

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