I'm Jonathan Tron, an ex-student at Université Paul Verlaine of Metz, France, where I was enrolled in 2nd year of Master HCI.

In parallel to my university courses, I was working as a part-time, then full-time, developer at ArticMedia, a web development company based at Marly, France.

ArticMedia technologies : PHP 4/5, MySQL, Ruby, RubyOnRails, RSpec, PrototypeJS, Debian.

From October 2006 to December 2007,  I worked as a Computer Researcher at Public Research Center Gabriel Lippmann at Luxembourg. I was in charge of developing a multimedia platform for European Capital of Culture 2007 which took place in Luxembourg : Flash007. The platform allowed users to book for so called "Missions" and then send their videos, audios or photos reports online. Moreover, a simple video editor was developed using a Flash frontend combined with an MLT Framework based processing backend.

Public Research Center Gabriel Lippmann technologies : Ruby, RubyOnRails, PostgreSQL, RSpec, RSpec Stories, PrototypeJS, FFMpeg, MLT Framework, MMS, SMS, Flash, Linux.

From January 2008 to October 2009, I was employed as CTO from Akiraweb, a Luxembourg web development company. My principal contributions were:

  • switch developments to a BDD approach
  • usage of RubyOnRails for new developments
  • bootstrap of Fundlook, online platform for KNEIP S.A.

Akiraweb technologies : Ruby, RubyOnRails, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, RSpec, Cucumber, Passenger, Unicorn, PrototypeJS, JQuery, Ubuntu Linux, Chef,  MySQL, PHP, PHPUnit, Selenium, NGINX.

Since October 2009, I'm working as IT Architect at KNEIP S.A. (Akiraweb was acquired by KNEIP S.A.), working on Fundlook and defining the next evolution of the internal Information System, from both Architecture and Software perspective.

KNEIP S.A. technologies : Ruby, RubyOnRails, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, RSpec, Cucumber, Passenger, Unicorn, PrototypeJS, JQuery, Ubuntu Linux, Suse Linux, Chef,  MySQL, PHP, PHPUnit, Selenium, NGINX, JAVA.